Hannah + Dan Wedding | Sandalford + Swan Valley + Perth + Melissa’s Photography


Dan & Hannah’s wedding is tricky to write the intro for.. It’s hard to explain just how amazing they both are.. How they kindness and joy reflects off each other, making everyone who’s lucky enough to be in their lives, happier and more loved.. They radiate love & goodness and I truly believe them coming together makes the world a nicer and better place.. You could almost see it in the air at Sandalford on Sunday.. you could definitely feel it in the fun their loved ones had.. in the tears and laughter in the speeches.. And the way Dan & Hannah had the best day of their lives so far; and so generously shared it with their family & friends.. To Dan & Hannah.. congratulations and thank you.. And to Hannah.. Happy Birthday, lap up your family being here for it! Xx Much love Mel xx