FAQs + Tips for AMAZING Family + Wedding Photos


What to Wear?

  • Loads of people get super worried about this.. Pinterest is a great help for inspiration on outfits..
  • In a nutshell, all wear something that you can walk, sit and move easily and comfortably in.. This generally rules out high heels😉.. Our style is relaxed and fun for family photos
  • Colour tone styling works well, eg: all muted with mix of colours and patterns, or all brighter.. or pick an accent colour (not green for the bushland) and style around there.. Its best to avoid matchy-matchy outfits, as they can look very formal and stiff..
  • What to Wear for Natural & Relaxed Family Photos on Pinterest
  • https://www.pinterest.com.au/kristenduke/what-to-wear-in-family-pictures/

How to Act? AKA what if my kids misbehave?

  • Rule #1 Think of the session as “playtime as our family with Mel”
  • I generally ask parents to tell their kids (3-12 year olds) “we are going to have a play with Mel, she’s funny and silly and will take some photos too”
  • For younger kids, bring two favourite toys, one “loud” toy like a ball or drum they like banging, wooden train” anything “noisy and fun and active”
  • And one quiet toy, a teddy or book they love to read for some snuggle photos
  • For older kids please don’t ask them to smile, I’ll get real smiles not “cheese” ones
  • For grownups, I’ll help you.. Its much the same as for the kids, be involved in the moments together, have fun, let yourself go and relax into the silliness and fun..
  • Bring sweeties/treats/ rewards in case we need them.. lollies for kids? beers for parents? 😉

Things I need from you before the session

  • Not much!
  • A deposit
  • A little note about your family, who’s in it, their names and ages (grown ups too!), what everyone’s favourite “thing” is.. Does your 4 year love dinosaurs, does your two year love bubbles. Do you always make LEGO together as a family?
  • Tell me a little story about your family and how you laugh together
  • Any health or behavioural issues I might need to know beforehand to cater for everybody

Can we reschedule? Can we choose the location?

  • For mini-sessions, no, these are only offered on the scheduled days and times. The deposit is non-refundable
  • For family sessions, yes, please reschedule if someone is seriously ill, its hard to be happy when you feel sick
  • If I need to reschedule for the weather I will call you to chat about options and other available times
  • For family session you can choose the location, but I have some firm favourites that photograph REALLY well, let’s chat
  • For mini-sessions the location is chosen for the ease of the shorter session and great photos consistently.. so no sorry!


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