Jodi + Ed | RFBYC + Perth Jewish Wedding

January 13, 2018

Oh my oh my.. I cried.. again, although so did everyone I think.. I blame Ed.. and his speech.. And him and Jodi for being people that loved ones give such amazing heartfelt speeches about.. That they rally around, and love and cherish and celebrate with.. And laugh with and love with.. Jewish weddings are always fabulous, so much fun, celebration, tradition and energy.. And this one was no exception.. To Anna & Paul, thank you for starting this fabulous referral chain! To everyone who always makes me feel so welcome, and this time to Nick from RFBYC who I handed my second camera to for horah, and he captured some gems! And mostly.. to Jodi and Ed, thank you, for letting me share your day.. It was my absolute privilege to capture you and your family & friends.. Mazel Tov xx Mel


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