Boatshed Perth Wedding for Shauna + Geoff

December 16, 2015


Shauna and Geoff's wedding was my last for the year and one of my faves hands-down.. Mainly, as the fabulous best man Paul, said in his speech, because "Shauna radiates fun, positivity and love".. And so does Geoff, and their families and friends.. And it made for the most perfect of wedding days.. I think when two such special people end up falling in love and marrying each other the wedding becomes infused with a sense of "the best day of our lives" for everyone, and guests (and overly sentimental photographers) get caught up in the "fun, positivity and love".. Shauna, Geoff and their gorgeous bridal party were so easy to photograph, because they were so relaxed and happy (and good looking too of course Critter!) and the reception was filled with people having an absolute ball (I've left in a couple of photos taken on my other camera by some crazy guests when I wasn't looking!) celebrating this very special day.. To Shauna and Geoff, you guys rock.. Thank you so much,  the biggest of congratulations, and well wishes for your future xx Mel

I love the Boatshed in South Perth, please get in contact if you are having a wedding there!